Saturday, 14 February 2009

Week 1, first installment

Finally found a blog I really like, but as it is on MySpace and I am not I am unsure how to 'follow' it. The blog is Erasure's and it gives updates on what they are up to, which is great for me as a BIG fan of theirs.

Woot - I have just worked out how to add this blog to me google reader!! I now really feel like I am learning somethin new and wonderful that is useful!

I am not yet sure how to apply this new found knowledge to my role withing the University of administrator for distance learning students, but I am working on it.

Gabby and I are organising a Summer School for a group of our DL students to visit Westmere and I'm sure that igoogle and the CELS blog will be helpful tools...I'm thinking maybe using google groups or the event calendar...we'll see.

I need to go and find another blog I like - hmmm.


  1. lol - I really must edit before posting - please excuse the errors!

  2. Wow, commenting on your own blog - that's a first! Brilliant, I love it!

  3. You've got some great ideas, Ali Stamps, and all in the spirit of exploration. Why not try these tools out with fellow course members and see how they work - might be a good way to organise your assignment. I did tell you about the assignment? Never mind, there's time ;)

    How about posting on how to subscribe to rss feeds in facebook...?

  4. Are Erasure still going? I haven't heard mention of them for years; shows how out of things I am!

  5. They are indeed and they have a (nother) greatest hits ablbum out this month. They still tour and release new material but it is the old stuff that is the best.

    Nb - Vince Clarke teamed back up with Alison Moyet and Yazoo played Hammersmith last year - it was awesome :O)