Thursday, 26 February 2009

ta ta for now twopointoh2009spring-ers!

it's all just too much *swoon*

'fraid that the new job has just swamped me and I don't have the time I need to get the most out of this course. Although this is a shame for you all (lol!) I'm glad I started it now as igoogle was a revelation and I will deffo start the course again once my head stops spinning.

cheers Billus and fellow bloggers for the interesting reading and for the constant encouragement :O) You Never know, there may occasionally still be something worth reading here...well maybe!!

Monday, 16 February 2009


I have found another blog that I like and will add to my reader; it may even change the way I wake up on a Saturday.

The blog is from my fav film reviewer, the good Dr Kermode. I currently wake up to the radio 5 live podcast of his show (co-hosted by Simoon Mayo) playing through my internet radio, hoping for a world famous Kermodian rant. However, I may see how it feels to follow the blog and maybe get involved in a discussion or two. I quite like that it is a video blog and so I get to see and hear him rant whilst reading his past rants...such pleasure!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Week 1, second installment

I've just found the first blog that I think is really interesting called my-life-at-ten. The blogger takes a pic everyday at 10am and one at 10pm and this is all she posts. I like this idea a lot, personal and public photography and an alternative experience of blogging - maybe.

Week 1, first installment

Finally found a blog I really like, but as it is on MySpace and I am not I am unsure how to 'follow' it. The blog is Erasure's and it gives updates on what they are up to, which is great for me as a BIG fan of theirs.

Woot - I have just worked out how to add this blog to me google reader!! I now really feel like I am learning somethin new and wonderful that is useful!

I am not yet sure how to apply this new found knowledge to my role withing the University of administrator for distance learning students, but I am working on it.

Gabby and I are organising a Summer School for a group of our DL students to visit Westmere and I'm sure that igoogle and the CELS blog will be helpful tools...I'm thinking maybe using google groups or the event calendar...we'll see.

I need to go and find another blog I like - hmmm.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fund raising for Shelter

Dearest all,

I give a monthly amount to Shelter and they have sent me some raffle tickets for their draw on 2 April 2009.

The prizes are: -

1st - £5,000.00
2nd - £2,000.00
3rd - £1,000.00

Tickets cost £1 each and the last day to buy tickets is 24th March.

No hard sell here - just either pop in to see me at Westmere or let me know if you'd like one/some at our next class.



Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First baby steps

One of the reasons I've waited so long to have a go at this blogging malarky is the thought of putting words on a page for others to look at. How does one ever come to terms with the fact that they are not a poet or novelist in the making? Hmm...

Well, as hard as it is and as unnatural as feels I am going to give it a go with the help of Billus Millus (a Web 2.0 guru don't you know) and my fellow 'e-learners'.

It is tempting to fall in to Bridget Jones styl-ee diarising, but I'm not sure how I'd like others mulling over how dull/exciting/odd/continuous string of adjectives/etc my life is when it is something I'm really quite happy with despite nothing of note coming to mind. Hmm...

Anyway - I'm off to have a think about what should appear on these pages.