Monday, 16 February 2009


I have found another blog that I like and will add to my reader; it may even change the way I wake up on a Saturday.

The blog is from my fav film reviewer, the good Dr Kermode. I currently wake up to the radio 5 live podcast of his show (co-hosted by Simoon Mayo) playing through my internet radio, hoping for a world famous Kermodian rant. However, I may see how it feels to follow the blog and maybe get involved in a discussion or two. I quite like that it is a video blog and so I get to see and hear him rant whilst reading his past rants...such pleasure!


  1. Yes, what a nice idea, little snippets of videocasts, perhaps something to note for CELS blog?

    Must admit to slight disappointment, though, as I was hoping for undiluted special K and it's not, he's once more with the dreaded 'Mayo' - whom I find almost as much as detestable as [clears throat] 'Jools' Holland, so I don't think I'll subscribe to this one...