Wednesday, 18 March 2009

tag, you're up!

Having been tagged by Goodhen and seen that both she and The Daily Liam have given in to temptation, here are seven things about me (that you may or may know and may or may not find interesting)
1. The first time I visited America I arrived on a ship that had sailed the Atlantic.
2. I hate that I cannot raise an eyebrow; it is the most emotive facial movement and I am both envious of and in love with all those who can. bastards.
3. I am finding keeping my secret very difficult
4. I am fully qualified in hairdressing manicure and massage.
5. I could spend all my time watching films.
6. I love singing hymns, and carols.
7. I can deal blackjack, roulette, punto banco, dice and poker - and I'm very good at it (which is less common than you might think).

Luckily for you - I have no idea how to tag anyone - if you are reading this then I'll do the old fashioned way - "tag - you're it". Now off you go and waste a while.

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