Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Direction

So then, haven't been back to this since I quit the Web 2.0 course and wasn't sure that I would at all. But as a friend or two have offered encouragement and I've missed posting, I've had a thought or two about what my blog could now be for and decided that just things I am doing and things I find that interest me is just fine.

On that theme, today I am off in to town to source some wool and something to crochet it with. Goodhen very kindly gave me a lesson or two in crochet before she hoped over to Newfoundland and I enjoyed it. As my better half is currently working like a donkey 7 days (and evenings) a week I now have time at the weekends to involve myself in solo projects...yay!!

Will also try to pick up a new set of strings for the electric guitar as the current ones are rubbish. This is also a new skill (the guitar playing that is) but I can only currently force an hour or so each weekend on it. Hopefully that will expand as I get better (or should I say if I get better!!)

So off I go - I'll let you know if I'm successful in either search and will deffo post pics of my first crocheted item.

BTW - if anyone decides to go and see Watchmen, take a cushion!!


  1. And don't forget to post an mp3 of your guitar playing!

  2. Hurrah! You should sign up for ravelry ( as you can find loads of free patterns and keep a track of your projects. I love social-knitworking!

    Looking forward to seeing what you produce :D